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No 767-400 version was developed. The longer-range 767-400ERX was offered in July 2000. [152] It was cancelled a year later, [69] leaving the 767-400ER as the sole version of the largest 767. [60] Boeing dropped the 767-400ER and the -200ER from its pricing

Manufacturer: Boeing Commercial Airplanes

請參閱配備椅背自選娛樂系統的 B767-400 客機的功能。 客機規格 飛行速度:每小時 530 英里 推進力:兩個一般電動 GECF6-80C2B8F 引擎,每個引擎的推力額定為 63,500 磅。 翼幅:170 呎 4 吋

View Boeing 767-400ER (764) seating and specifications on United aircraft using this United Airlines seating chart. Aircraft Specifications Interior elements United Polaris ® business class United Economy Plus ® United Economy ® Number of seats


You deserve to feel at home, even when you’re on the move. Our Boeing 767-400ER aircraft offers a variety of signature products and experiences unlike anything else in the sky.

なお、767-400という型式は存在しない。前述のように長距離路線用として開発されたため、構造は767-200ERや767-300ERをベースとしている。そのため767-400ERと名付けられた。ただし、-200ERや-300ERに比べ航続距離はやや劣る。 767-300F

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Boeing’s 767-400ER is a stretched development of the popular 767-300ER, designed to replace early A300, A310 and 767 twins used on transcontinental services and DC-10-30s and L-1011 trijets used for intercontinental work. It competes with the A330-200.

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Cargo volumizer Maximum flexibility Proven economics Up to 24 containers or pallets, each measuring 88 by 124 inches (5.4m) at the base, fit on the main deck of the 767 Freighter. The two lower holds of the airplane provide 3,282 cubic feet (92.9 m³) for seven

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All of the 767-400 (76D) in Delta’s fleet have been retrofitted with a new interior that features flat bed seating in Delta One. The 76D version aircraft flies all routes to London Heathrow and also New York JFK to Venice. This aircraft features Thompson Solutions

The Boeing 747-400 is an American wide-body jet airliner developed by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. Derived from the earlier versions of the Boeing 747, the 747-400 retains the four-engine wide-body layout of its predecessors, whilst incorporating numerous technological and structural changes to

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即使外出旅遊,您也應可享有賓至如歸的尊榮體驗。 我們的波音767-400ER航機提供各項獨一無二的機上商品與體驗。 欲了解更多資訊,請瀏覽delta.com。

BOEING 767-400ER (76D) aircraft details Seat map Seat Specifications Delta One ® 40 Seats Bed Width/Length 21 in/ 77-81 in 53 cm/ 194-207 cm Delta Comfort+ ® 28 Seats Seat Width/Pitch 17.9 in/ 35 in 45 cm/ 89 cm Main Cabin 178 Seats 17.9 in


Introducing the 767-400 Extended Range Airplane The Boeing 767-400 Extended Range (ER) airplane is the latest derivative in the 767 family, and is the first new airplane designed together by Boeing Commercial Airplane Group and Douglas Products Division

Die Boeing 767 ist ein zweistrahliges Großraumflugzeug des US-amerikanischen Flugzeugherstellers Boeing. Der wirtschaftlich sehr erfolgreiche Tiefdecker ist das erste Langstreckenflugzeug von Boeing mit nur zwei Triebwerken und kann bis zu 375 Passagiere mehr als 10.000 km weit befördern. Die letzte Passagiermaschine wurde im Juni

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Le Boeing 767 est un avion de ligne à réaction gros-porteur de taille moyenne construit depuis 1981 par Boeing Commercial Airplanes. Il est le premier biréacteur à fuselage large du constructeur et le premier avion de ligne à être équipé d’un cockpit à deux membres d’équipage avec une planche de bord tout écran. L’avion est

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I took this plane in Economy class on the CAN-HND route. The flight was pleasant and the service was excellent, but the interior is seriously out of date, even for Economy. No in-flight Wifi, no USB chargers, small video displays, limited movie selections, no

Boeing’s 767-400ER is a stretched development of the popular 767-300ER, designed to replace early A300, A310 and 767 twins used on transcontinental services and DC-10-30s and L-1011 trijets used for intercontinental work. It competes with the A330-200.

보잉 767-200ER 767-200에 연료 용량 증가등의 개량을 더해 항속 거리를 늘린 타입으로 1984년에 엘알 이스라엘 항공이 첫 비행을 실시했다. 첫 수주는 1982년 12월 16일의 에티오피아 항공이 최초로 출고 했으며 항속 거리는 767-200보다 2배 길다.

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United Airlines Boeing 767-400ER (764) Seat Map Airplane Boeing 767-400ER (764) United Airlines has 3 classes on board with total of 242 seats. Use airplane seat map to find which ones are more comfortable and which ones should be avoided.

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Scheduled Delta 767-400 flights with new seats Delta’s first 767-400 featuring the new seats will be entering service soon, and the airline has started scheduling these planes. To see if your plane is expected to have the new configuration, look for a 767-400 flight

787也是首次採用全球多國之專業廠商共同分攤風險的方式製造787,包含了日本、韓國、歐洲等國家,完成各零件的製造後,再透過由747-400改裝而成的波音747-400 LCF將零件送至西雅圖的最終組裝廠完成飛機的組裝,並進行後續之測試、交付。

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8/11/2017 · Boeing 767-400に関するニュース(34本)、搭乗レビュー・口コミ(8件)、航空フォト(1022件)、機種・機材(38機)などの情報を提供しています。

FSX/Fs2004 – Boeing B767-400 Delta Airlines Breast Cacer Awareness. Repaint of the SkySpirit2010 767-400Complete aircraft package.26.5 MB

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Boeing 767 je středně velký dvoumotorový proudový širokotrupý dopravní letoun pro střední až velké vzdálenosti vyvinutý a vyráběný společností Boeing Commercial Airplanes. Byl to první dvoumotorový širokotrupý letoun firmy Boeing a první dopravní letadlo se skleněným kokpitem a dvoučlennou posádkou. Stroj

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Seat map Boeing 767-400 “Delta Airlines”. Best seats in the plane Boeing 767-400ER is used by Delta Airlines during flights to London and on fights from New York JFK to Venice. Boeing 767-400ER has 246 seats located in three

Seat map Boeing 767-300 “Delta Airlines”. Best seats in the plane Delta Airlines operates 5 versions of Boeing 767-300 airplane. This airplane is used during internal First class has 5 rows in which seats have 2-2-2 configuration. All these seats are standard only the seats of the 1st row

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13/10/2019 · 推GG 將近三星期的歐洲之旅開始,首站是巴塞隆拿,去程有機會坐少數民族 Boeing 767-400ER。 767-400ER 是波音於九十年代末,回應 Airbus A330-200 侵蝕中型客機巿場的產物。可惜生不逢時,巿場幾乎一面倒支持性能較佳的 A330。對比起今天仍繼續建造


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AIRCRAFT CLASSIFICATION NUMBERS (ACN’s) B747-100SR 2690 1600 1.04 36 38 46 64 19 20 22 29 29 35 43 50 16 18 21 25 B747-200B, 200C 200F, 200M 3720 1750 1.38 55 62 76 98 22 23 26 34 51 61 72 82 20 22 26 30 B747-300, 300M, 300SR 3720

I flown the 767-400 several times, this time Business. (The worst experience i had was the last row in Economy, recline only adjustable to the toilete, smell, sound and erveryone is jumping in your seat, during entering the overloaded toilets). But Now back to this

The 767-300 is capable of being flown by a two-person cockpit crew through the use of system automation features and digital technology. This aircraft is 6.4 meters longer than the 767-200, and is used on domestic routes.