cuhk booking sports

cuhk booking sports

Survey for PEU Online Facilities Booking System: With effect from 1 August , 2016, new charges of University Sports Facilities

Sports Facilities & Amenities Fun and fitness provide much needed balance to work and study. CUHK and its Colleges offer a wide variety of sports facilities, including stadiums, gymnasia, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, tennis and squash courts, weight

Sports Fields – Sir Philip Haddon-Cave Sports Field is a standard all-weather track with one standard-sized grass soccer pitch inside. Floodlight is installed. The spectator stand with 2,000 seats can be used for large-scale functions. Lingnan Stadium includes all

Booking Procedures * For tennis courts number 3 to 7 Students and staff are allowed to book the sports facilities on the “Online Sports Facilities Booking” System. Booking may be made in person at the University Sports Centre or by calling at telephone number

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Application Form (Please contact our section by email to [email protected] for the form) Online Web Room Booking System (WRB) Login to WRB System Back Login to WRB System For bookings from 2 September 2019 to 6 September 2020

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Sports Facilities Booking System For Student For Non-student, including Staff, Alumni and other users

(2) Summer Time (1st June to 31st August) Except tennis courts, all facilities would be closed on public holidays. There would be special arrangement for the Part-Time Degree Programme of the Sports Science and Physical Education Department.

2019-2020 CUHK Table Tennis Open (中大乒乓球公開賽) to be held on 5th October, 2019 is cancelled to ensure the safety of students. You may refund your deposit ($50) on or after 8th October, 2019 at the counter of the University Sports Centre.

The Jockey Club Mus-Fit Action was launched at Kowloon Park Sports Centre on 22 June 2019. The project, a collaboration between Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, CUHK and Dr. Stephen Hui Research Centre for Physical Recreation and

2019-2020 CUHK Table Tennis Open (中大乒乓球公開賽) to be held on 5th October, 2019 is cancelled to ensure the safety of students. You may refund your deposit ($50) on or after 8th October, 2019 at the counter of the University Sports Centre. 楊明標室內

策略計劃 2016–2020 畢業典禮 本科入學資訊日 高級教學人員徵聘 中大‧環球足跡 中大有晴 國際化活動網上平台 校長網誌 中大排名 香港中文大學(深圳) 世界大學聯盟(WUN) 無障礙網頁嘉許計劃「三連金獎」 同心展關懷2015–19(香港社會服務聯會頒發)

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Application Form (Please contact our section by email to [email protected] for the form) Please submit booking forms to the Registration and Examinations Section directly if you wish to book these venues. Classrooms (New Asia, United, Shaw 80

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At the invitation of the Chinese University Staff Association, Dr LUK Wai Cheong Scotty, Director of UHS, was the guest speaker of the “Happy Life Forum” entitled “Understanding CUHK Staff Medical Benefits”. The forum was held on 28 May 2019 at the LT7,

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The Centre for Sports and Exercise, University of Hong Kong (HKU CSE) offers non-academic sport and recreation programmes, health and fitness and competitive sport programmes. The Centre employs qualified staff to manage the University’s sports facilities and

本表格列出香港中文大學的設施與服務的資料。你可以找到設施與服務的名稱,然後讀取下列的電話或網站,地址和開放時間。 聯絡 地址 開放時間/ 借用資料 崇基燒烤場 (852) 3943 6451 電郵 嶺南運動場廣泰園 請向相關單位查詢

Opening hours, location and booking procedure of facilities Last Updated on Wednesday, 12 June 2019 15:33 – Facilities 1) Sports facilities 2) Canteens 3) IT facilities 4) Other facilities – Download Booking Form and Regulations of Use of Facilities | Disclaimer All

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University Sports Centre Badminton court, small basketball court and tennis courts Haddon Cave Sports Field Mini-soccer pitch and running track For opening hours, booking procedure, charges and other regulations regarding the usage of the sports facilitieshere.

Details of the venues and equipment as well as the booking rules and guidelines are also available at the Online Booking System. Users must present valid CU Link Card and are required to pay a HK$200 deposit before using certain facilities, please tender

Located beside Chung Chi Tang, Pommerenke Student Centre is the largest student amenities centre in CUHK. The Centre offers various student facilities, including Multi-purpose Hall, Fitness Room, Piano Rooms, Music Room, Multi-purpose Room, Meeting

New Asia College / Hertford College of Oxford University, Study Abroad and Cultural Exploration Programme

Teaching staff and registered student bodies under Student Union, Lee Woo Sing College, can reserve College facilities through the below Online Room Booking System : For Seminar Room and Student Studio, please click HERE For Mini-Theatre, please click HERE

Appointments can be made in advance by phone or through an internet booking system. Sports Facilities CUHK and its colleges offer a variety of sports facilities, including a sports field for track and field, gymnasiums, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, tennis

Getting involved in the College’s teams is easy and fun: we encourage experienced athletes and newcomers alike to join in and see what the Morningside sports scene has to offer. Be sure to introduce yourself to our College Physical Education Lecturers, Mr

Booking MUST be submitted at least 24 hours in advance during working days prior to the use of classroom/lecture theatre, so as to allow time for RES to process your booking and the relevant Classroom Management Office can be well informed of your booking.

Buildings/Halls Language of Instruction Type of Teaching Planned Course Offering for 2019-20 Classroom Booking Online Web Room Booking System (WRB) Login to WRB System For bookings from 2 September 2019 to 6 September 2020 Information on

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Our sports facilities offer our students a chance to participate in recreational activities with fellow students and lead a balanced lifestyle. Joint Sports Centre Madam Kwok Chung Bo Fun Sports and Cultural Centre Wai Hang Sports Centre and Dr Stephen Hui

We aim to cultivate higher degree graduates to serve the increasingly sophisticated needs of the society and to make contributions to the pool of human knowledge through the

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The establishment of “House of Sunny Living” is Wu Yee Sun College’s new initiative for promotion of healthy living style. It aims to transform our students into a positive and radiating energy force to make the world a better place. Our whole person approach starts

Leisure and Cultural Services Department, 康樂及文化事務署, 康乐及文化事务署

This online booking service is open to all Full-time and Part-time students, staff and their family members, “Sports Facilities User Card” holders (including Alumni), and long-service retirees /