No more SCP-1788-1 instances are required for current research purposes; any newly-discovered instances of SCP-1788-1 are preemptively cleared by O5 command for immediate termination by Armed Mobile Task Force Tau-4 (“All Things Bright and Dutiful”).

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18/8/2019 · Benvenuti, sono il Dr. D. Ferdinand, nella lezione di oggi visioneremo il documento relativo a SCP-1788. Un grandissimo ringraziamento a Flavio per aver dato voce a SCP-1788-683 Questo video è basato su SCP-1788, opera

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Примерно раз в шесть месяцев экземпляр SCP-1788-1 пытается похитить одного из отслеживаемых им детей, доставить его в отдалённое или иным образом неприметное место и подвергнуть процессу SCP-1788

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9/2/2018 · Logs of this incident have not been fully cleared. In summary, a team of agents were able to lure an SCP-1788-1 instance into the range of a sniper, who was able to destroy most of the instance’s head, including the entirety of

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SCP-1788-1 instances also possess a secondary brain, located in the upper torso and protected by its own skeletal structure, similar in construction to the ribcage. Currently the exact function of this brain is unknown; it is known that this brain can continue to


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3/8/2019 · Aquí no hay nada Retail/Service Workers Share Best Instant Karma They’ve Ever Seen Happen To Rude Customer /AskReddit – Duration: 13:38. Best Posts & Comments 420,481 views

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Item #: SCP-178 Object Class: Euclid Special Containment Procedures: SCP-178 is to be stored in a Class 3 Anomalous Object Container guarded by no fewer than two (2) armed personnel with Level 3 clearance when not undergoing testing. Item is to be removed

SCP-1788에 영향받은 사춘기 인간들은 SCP-1788-1 개체가 된다. SCP-1788의 생성자(들) 또는 발견자(들)은 현재 알 수 없으며, 요주의 단체들에 대한 수사가 진행 중이다. SCP-1788의 기원을 밝혀내는 것은 신드리 등급 우선 사안으로 간주된다.

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22/3/2017 · D E A D S R Ś : SCP-1788 [HORROR STORY ANALYSIS PODCAST] Dead Palette Loading Unsubscribe from Dead Palette? Cancel Unsubscribe Working Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe

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SCP-1788 is a process, treatment, or other means of biological transformation. A prepubescent human being subjected to SCP-1788 becomes an instance of SCP-1788-1. Currently the creator(s) or discoverer(s) of SCP-1788 is unknown; groups of interest are being

5. Los registros de este incidente no se han borrado por completo. En resumen, un equipo de agentes logró atraer una instancia de SCP-1788-1 al alcance de un francotirador, que pudo destruir la mayor parte de la cabeza de la instancia, incluida la totalidad del

5. Le rapport de cet incident n’a pas été entièrement déclassifié. En résumé, une équipe d’agents a été en mesure d’attirer une instance de SCP-1788-1 à portée d’un sniper, qui a réussi à détruire le plus gros de la tête de l’instance, y compris la totalité du “cerveau

SCP-1787-A is to be made to believe it resides in a retirement home in , Italy. SCP-1787-A is only allowed access to its tools during its whittling sessions. Otherwise the tools are to be kept in a locked drawer in Dr. Scooter’s office. All deliveries of SCP

SCP-1789 is to be suspended via harness above a collection trough at all times. Collected samples of SCP-1789-1 are to be disposed of within three hours as a biohazard, unless samples are required for testing purposes. Any personnel found to be engaging in

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12/12/2004 · SCP-1788-1-863: 你想知道为什么你们的科学家现在都没有在我们的身体里找到任何移植的异常器官吗?为什么我们身上没有外科手术留下的伤痕?为什么我们的基因还是纯净没被更改过的人类基因?因为我们就是人类,博士

He doesn’t have four arms (which I missed, damn sleep deprivation xD) but other than that yeah he kinda looks like SCP 1788 Reply Jan 4, 2018 Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Sign In About Contact Core Membership Careers

Description: SCP-2317 is a wooden door and frame originally constructed as a basement door for a 19th-century Massachusetts brownstone. Upon opening the door, any person stepping through the door frame will be transported to an alternate reality. .

Is there a better explenation of scp 1788 and 1788-1 of what it is/they are and what their purpose is for dummies like me ? im having a hard time understanding it/them The idea is the mystery. Although their logic kind of falls apart if you consider that their

ว ตถ # SCP-1788 ระด บ: Keter มาตรการก กก นพ เศษ: ในขณะน ย งไม สามารถทำการก กก น SCP-1788 ได เจ าหน าท แฝงต วในภาคร ฐต างๆซ งรวมถ ง

SCP-1788. level 1 TreeOfSecrets 4 points · 1 year ago God, this is like the batman graphic novel a serious house on serious earth, in a good way level 1 Manonymous 2 points · 1 year ago I loved this, dude. This is one of those skips that take you to an level 1